Learning to Look Up and Be Kind

My mind made an instant assessment of her that would’ve promptly been discarded as the concert began. But then she came into full view.

How I Make a Mess of “God Is In Control”

Don’t we think of control as the ability to make things go the way that makes us happy? But God’s not me, and when I think that way, I’m taking the “sovereignty of God” and projecting my attributes onto His character.

Slowly Starving and Oblivious

Our body makes it clear it’s time to refuel. We have those pangs spiritually, too, but we numb them or offer them synthetic solutions. All of it — like feeding mud to the starving.

Men Who Make You Laugh

So many women say they want a man who makes them laugh. A lot of us get them – men are pretty funny after all. But I’ve observed that something happens too often. Year after year of dating or marriage, they stop laughing. They start rolling their eyes. They start retorting in anger. They start…

Do I Need the Power of God?

Here’s a question I’ve been wrestling with lately: Does the power of God reveal itself in my life on a daily basis? We Christians certainly speak a lot of words. We talk about the God, about our churches, about our love for Him, about His kingdom… But all that speaking doesn’t mean we’re living Kingdom life.

Trying to Be Perfect at Not Being Perfect

I turned removing pride and perfectionism from my life into a challenge, and here’s the problem: Anything that is a challenge makes me want to do it perfectly.

Grace and Our Warped Sense of Justice.

Sometimes our sense of justice blinds our touch of grace. We want others to experience the justice of getting what’s coming to them. Have you ever said this? “She’s going to get what’s coming to her.” Maybe with a little bit of smugness in your voice? I have.

Mirror Mirror on the…

We have short term memory when it comes to our identity, and the only solution is found in pursuing God’s truth and seeking to implement it in our lives.

But the Rules Don’t Apply to Me…

Speeding that day doesn’t seem like a big deal. But I was doing it intentionally. I had decided being on time was more important than the law. It was the ironic evidence of iniquity I had just asked God to reveal and didn’t really think He’d find.

Two questions for every Christian in 2015

By Tiffany Deluccia >>> A couple of questions for you: 1) Have you been discipled? What was that experience like? 2) Have you discipled anyone else? I was recently presented with these questions in a mixed group setting of Christians of various ages and backgrounds. After making it abundantly clear that any answer was acceptable,…

Do You Have a Vision for the New Year?

By Tiffany Deluccia >>> Happy New Year! I always find a new set of 365 exciting. I’m not sure why — Nothing has really changed. The weather will still be cold for months. Life doesn’t give you a do-over from the things you’ve been building for the last 12 months. But still, a new year…

Oh, hi there — let’s catch up.

By Tiffany Deluccia >>> Have you ever tried to start a conversation with a friend you haven’t seen in a while and struggled to know where to begin? That’s how I feel writing to you today. What a year it has been. You know bits and pieces; but the story has grown bigger and more…

When You Get Stuck in Transition

By Tiffany Deluccia >>> I somehow missed the month of September. It flew by. For the last several years at work, our theme song has been Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” iPhone launches and national campaigns and food & music festivals… A PR firm madhouse. And then I did wake up, and…

Called to Action

By Lydia Sellers >>> I was abruptly interrupted while praying a couple weeks ago. As I poured emotional word vomit in “prayer” format, the Holy Spirit stopped me and suggested I ask if He had anything to say. As I quieted my soul and chose to listen, I heard Him say something a bit unexpected….