Like Kids Making Up the Rules

“You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to human traditions.” Mark 7:9

Jesus said that to some religious leaders who had traveled from Jerusalem to see Him. He gives specific examples of what He means in verses 10-13, but tags it with, “And you do many things like that.” He didn’t need to provide an exhaustive list; He knew we are an inventive bunch when it comes to rejecting the commandment of God.

We so easily justify ourselves by the standard set by others like us. We’re like children playing games and making up arbitrary rules they know they can follow —

“You have to hop on one foot and hold your breath to win!”

By His Spirit, He develops us into ones who recognize the Standard — Christ — for what He is: So far out of the reach of our imitation or tribute. But, He also causes us to hope in our weakness, because what we can’t do, the Spirit does in us.

Our rules make us comfortable. They insulate us from having to ask hard questions too often, or admit that we very frequently don’t have answers. The Spirit invites us into the messy situations of life and promises He’ll sustain us.

Messy is unpredictable. Messy requires more of us. He is comfortable in that space, understanding that we are not. And He becomes our source of comfort instead of our traditions, which often deceive us into feeling like we are following after Jesus, when we’re really just walking on a treadmill.

I’m asking Him this week to help me see through the traditions that make me comfortable and instead to reveal to me His commands, one step at a time, that I may really follow His voice and accept no substitute.

Like Kids Making Up Rules

Photo Credit: Daria Nepriakhina

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