9 Thoughts from 4 Weeks on Crutches

For those of you who don’t know, I had hip surgery four weeks ago. No, I’m not 75. Hands down, that’s the question I’ve gotten the most! I had a hip labral tear — just an anatomic thing that was causing me severe pain when I exercised or walked long distances. The surgery went very well, and I’m recovering ahead of schedule. For those of you who did know, thank you for your prayers and for coming to see me! It meant so much.

I’ve been on crutches since May 18, and with that fact necessarily comes another: I’ve had a lot of down time. You never realize just how active you are until someone tells you to stay put. Anyway, below you’ll find a largely unedited list of things I’ve been thinking about from my lovely vantage point of the right-hand couch in my living room.

  1. Publix is a fantastic place to shop when you are physically challenged. Those people go above and beyond. And I’ve gotten pretty good on the electric go-cart things for people who can’t walk.
  2. Our churches have to become places where people can ask questions. When did they stop being that? Why do people feel like they have to internalize their questions, struggle for an answer and then return only to combat the people with whom they once shared beliefs?I’ve been studying the book of Mark for the last couple of months, and I can’t get past the fact that the disciples asked Jesus questions all the time. They rarely understood what He meant when He spoke. When they asked questions, He answered. Simple as that. We need churches that treat people like Jesus did.I’ve heard a lot of people who have already given up on God lamenting that no one let them ask questions. We need to fix that.Java Jolt
  3. My husband is the best. He not only kept me alive, he also kept my plants alive. That’s love, if you’re not a gardener.
  4. I get tired of being waited on very quickly. Everyone kept telling me to enjoy it. I kept begging for a basket of laundry to fold.
  5. Eating right makes a difference in how your body heals. I ate very clean for the three weeks around my surgery. Besides helping me not gain weight as I just sit around, I had virtually no swelling and my hip has been healing quicker than the doctors expected.
  6. Pilates pays off. My physical therapist says I have more control over my hip muscles than any of her other patients. (And no, they’re not all 75 either!) So much of what they’re having me do in therapy are things I was trained to do in Pilates class. I’ve got an edge.
  7. The news brings you down. I never watch the evening news. Since I was already on the couch and had been alone most of the day, I watched it every day last week. I decided not to do that this week. I’m not opposed to being in the know — in fact, I think that’s important to some degree. But a steady diet of every bad, surprising, entertaining, humiliating, 24-7 news-cycle-filling junk can’t be good for us.
  8. The couch gets old. Self-explanatory. I’m daydreaming about going here:
    Lake Conestee Nature Park
  9. If someone gives you free tickets to see The Fray and Train in box seats with VIP Parking passes, but you’re on crutches: Go anyway. They were great. I was sore the next day from walking. But totally worth it.

That’s it! I’m glad to be back to blogging. Missed you all!

— Tiffany

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  1. Run Wright says:

    The Fray and Train are 2 of my favorites. You saw them in concert together? Awesome! Hope you’re better soon. Bet you would’ve loved to dance at the concert

    1. Yes I would’ve!!

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