Fully Awake and Fully Alive: Real Rest Restores Your Soul

By Tiffany Deluccia >>>

Few things in life draw me into rest like a drizzling Sunday morning. A few weeks ago, I awoke two minutes before the alarm sounded, and instead of its startling blare, I heard only the drip-drop of rain hitting the gutter outside my window. A small piece of heaven, those first 15 minutes.

And I thought about God as I lay there, because His presence is like that. It is that. He awakes me gently to the glory of creation. He draws me out of sleep and into truer rest. Fully coherent, heart full and at rest.

True rest is not so much about bodily stillness, restorative sleep or mental checkout. It’s not about setting aside a day each week to binge on Netflix and skip your workout and procrastinate a project. Rest should be so much more intentional than that. The best rest is an alertness to what is most real, what is most true, and the calming voice of God saying, “All is well.”

WastingPerfume - The Best Rest

That kind of rest restores the soul as it crowds out worries, fears, pressures, ambition, bitterness and anything else that can give your heart and mind a false sense of reality.

It’s like a deep drink of cold water when you didn’t even realize you were thirsting to death.

Sabbath is vital. It heals, because the presence of God makes all things new.

Your Sabbath doesn’t have to be on Sunday, but it needs to be consistent. You’ll know when you find it. Plan to protect it.

Photo by MILADA VIGEROVA via Unsplash

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