Oh, hi there — let’s catch up.

By Tiffany Deluccia >>>

Have you ever tried to start a conversation with a friend you haven’t seen in a while and struggled to know where to begin? That’s how I feel writing to you today. What a year it has been. You know bits and pieces; but the story has grown bigger and more unexpected as it winds towards the end of the 2014 chapter.

So, I guess I’ll start here: I have news. An answer to prayer and the realization of a promise. I’ve been given a chance to do what I love (communicate, write, think strategically) for the cause I love most (helping the Church to thrive). I’ve left my job of five years and started last week with The Unstuck Group. I get to help churches get unstuck. I feel blessed and thankful beyond words.

His ways are higher. He blessed me immensely through the job I just left–with learning, with friendships, with provision. I’ve always known I wanted to eventually use my gifts for ministry. A little over a year ago, I believe He spoke to me that He would move me on when the time was right, that He would open a door I could not on my own. But I also knew I was called to be a light where I was.

I wasn’t always patient. (In fact, I believe I prayed for patience earlier this year… if you’ve ever done that, you know how that goes…) But He doesn’t forget about us. Ever.

So, I started a new adventure last week. And I’m excited. But I can say with a stronger conviction now than a year and a half ago that His faithfulness is just as sweet when He whispers “I am with you” and tells you to stay put as when “what’s next” arrives. Don’t wish (or pray) away the waiting. He wants to show you just how “enough” He is. He’s been showing me, and I wouldn’t trade it.

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