When You Get Stuck in Transition

By Tiffany Deluccia >>>

I somehow missed the month of September. It flew by. For the last several years at work, our theme song has been Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” iPhone launches and national campaigns and food & music festivals… A PR firm madhouse. And then I did wake up, and now it’s October, with no signs of slow down. So, I’m adjusting once again.

I wrote this in July, and it’s more relevant to me now than it was then, though for different reasons. If you’re in transition — or if you’re waiting for what’s next — maybe it will hit you the way it hit me.


Sometimes you have to change how you’ve always been. It’s a mark of maturity. A lot of people won’t understand, which adds to the list of reasons change is difficult. I’ll give you an example.

As I’ve written before, I’m not, by nature at least, a morning person. But after a year or two of marriage, the Lord started leading me to become one. My life had dramatically changed since college (when I had more free time than ever before) and since the year I lived with my parents while engaged (when someone else cooked dinner and felt responsible for having a clean house).

I used to spend time with the Lord right after class, which later became right after work. Once married, this wasn’t working anymore, and I was less consistent about prayer and studying the Word than I had ever been. I could feel the effects – less joy, more frustration, feeling distant from God. I felt stuck in a routine that was no longer working. It wasn’t marriage’s fault: I had changed, and I hadn’t adjusted other parts of my life. (Exercise was another good thing that suffered in that first year…)

The Holy Spirit is strong in our weaknesses, and in a time of fasting, He revealed to me what I hadn’t wanted to see: I couldn’t do things the way I’d always done them and thrive.

My alarm now sounds significantly earlier than before. Sometimes I respond well and sometimes I don’t–Just ask TJ about the times I bounce between snooze and cell phone alarm #1 multiple times while staying in bed. But, the joy of quiet mornings listening to the voice of my Savior is well worth the change. He is an immensely better gift than that extra sleep ever proves to be, and my body, my spirit and my heart understand.

I imagine, with this example, I will have to change again someday (like in the future when there are little ones waking up at the crack of dawn). And I imagine the Lord will have to remind me again to break my routines and seek after connection with Him.

Have you been through a transition recently?

If so, how is God leading you to adjust your life?

Saul had to become Paul. Sarah had to have a baby in old age. Jesus had to step out of anonymity. The lame man who walked had to start talking to the whole world. The disciples had to give up fishing and travel to places they’d only heard of.

Maybe your transition doesn’t seem as significant as these. That’s ok. The most important thing is that times of transition always lead us to press into our Savior and not cut off His voice. What is He trying to say to you?

Photo Credit: TheWanderingAmerican via Compfight cc

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