I’m An Aspirational Morning Person

I’m an aspirational morning person. I can’t say it’s in my nature to get up early, but I find something magical about the morning if I do. The Spirit of the Lord meets me on my back porch, my secret place. He whispers peace, joy, faith. He joins me, and wherever He is, there is freedom.

I come across like a social person, a people person, but the truth is, I require regular alone time. (Ask TJ: I get grumpy without it.) It’s partly just for me — to do the things I love. But it’s also for Him. If He is priority, I must prioritize Him in truth, not just in word.

And mornings are when I can do that best. When the fewest distractions intrude. When the unexpected rarely comes calling.

Proverbs 6:9-11

So, this Burn to Memory verse really challenges me. I so often choose sleep over the true rest of being with Jesus. (I’ll give myself some grace here: I’m not the most clear-headed when I’m hitting that snooze button.) So, as I said at the beginning, I’m aspiring to become a better morning person, because He’s worth it.

And it’s not a ritual. I heard Chris Armfield make a great point a few weeks ago:

How often do we feel like we’re doing well — “being a good Christian” — because of how much time we give to God any given week? It’s absurd when you think about it. Do we get puffed up for being a great friend after hanging out with a best friend? We didn’t do anything for God; why the pride? We make it about us.

But, the treasure of time in His presence is a reward in and of itself, and He goes with us all the day. And that’s worth committing to pursuing ever more diligently.

— Tiffany

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