That Moment When…

IrishFireside via Flickr cc

By Tiffany Deluccia

That moment when:

The unknown drops your stomach like a rock. The road erodes in front of your feet. A fog descends to hide the valley, leaving only a view of the mountain beyond it.

He whispers, “Hold onto your courage. Isn’t this fun? I lead you with one hand over your eyes so you will follow me by heart. This crumbling road, this fog–You can’t navigate them on your own. Let your heart be light! Come on my adventure. I’ve got your hand with my other, remember? I will not let you fall.”

And if my heart truly belongs to His, I can’t help but smile. What great story is predictable? We’ve done this before, and He hasn’t failed me yet.

The image that comes to my mind is a husband covering his wife’s eyes as he leads her around the obstacles that could trip her on the way to a great surprise he has prepared for her. Why do we so easily assume our blindness is a disadvantage? Trust is greatest when we can’t rely on what we see and must instead rely on someone who loves us.

Photo Credit: IrishFireside via Flickr cc

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