He’d Rather Die Than Live Without You

By Lydia Sellers

Lydia SellersJesus was the first to place value on humanity. He sacrificed His own life for the sake of ours. God sacrificed God for people. I don’t think we always understand the significance of this. God, in His great mercy, decided you were so valuable and so important to Him that He would rather die than live without you. He created us and wants us to know Him.

It’s a hard concept to accept as I find I can be really hateful towards myself. I hate making mistakes and hurting the people I love. I’m sure many of you have felt the same. But, you know what, we have to stop that. Fill in your own name here: _________, stop hating yourself! Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t hold judgement in your heart (even if it’s against you).

God doesn’t hate you. The perfect, pure, and all-knowing God doesn’t hate you, so you shouldn’t either.

Ultimately, you can’t love other people until you learn how to love yourself. I’m not saying it’s okay for us to be selfish because loving ourselves and being selfish are very different. If we just remember to forgive, forgive, forgive inwardly, then, we’ll be able to love, love, love outwardly.

If you’d like to spend some time letting God’s extreme forgiveness sink deeper into your heart, check out Hillsong United’s song “Scandal of Grace”:

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