Burn to Memory Jeremiah 33:3

Jeremiah 33:3

We sure don’t know what we don’t know. Do you ever find yourself worrying about the future, or taking a current circumstance and imagining it to a twisted completion in the distance? I find it’s easy to remember times when God was with me, but when it comes to the unknown, it’s easy to imagine negative results in which He was nowhere to be found.

The truth is, there is no scenario–past, present or future–in which He is not near you. February is often a hard month for women. Those of us who are single imagine loneliness forever. Those of us who are married sometimes pressure our relationships to fit a romantic mold. And all for what? A calendar date designed to sell chocolate and stuffed bears.

When you feel like you’re drowning, when the possibilities of the future seem bleak instead of full of hope, joy and love, call to your God. He will show you great and mighty things that you do not know. Perhaps first of all, He’ll help you realize how much you do not know. And, most certainly, He’ll whisper gently to your unsteady heart that He dreams great dreams for you, and He alone has the power to inject their grandeur into our fractured realm.

In a month focused on love, let’s soak His up. It’s the only thing we can count on to be with us through every bend in the path.

— Tiffany

Burn to Memory is our special section focused on Scripture to memorize. Pin it, print it or make it your smartphone wallpaper. Why is memorizing Scripture so important? What’s in your heart comes out at the moments when it is needed. (And if what’s in there isn’t good, it’ll come out even when you don’t want it to!)

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