Burn to Memory Ephesians 3:14

Ephesians 3:14

So, I’ve been a little absent for the last week or so… Christmas was lovely at my house, and I hope it was at yours, too.

Today I’m getting the familiar stirring Jan. 1 brings – the rush of a new year, new expectations, new beginnings. Why is it easier to be full of hope at the beginning of a year? I find it funny that we evaluate our lives on 365-day cycles. But nonetheless, 2014 is coming and it excites me.

This week’s Burn to Memory verse also excites me, and I’ll share more on that tomorrow. For now, join me in meditating on what it means to be filled with all the fullness of God in this new year.

Happy New Year!

— Tiffany

Burn to Memory is our special section focused on Scripture to memorize. Pin it, print it or make it your smartphone wallpaper. Why is memorizing Scripture so important? What’s in your heart comes out at the moments when it is needed. (And if what’s in there isn’t good, it’ll come out even when you don’t want it to!)

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