Habitual sin & the war on shame.

By Jordon Weldon

Jordon WeldonIf you’ve never warred against a habitual sin in your life you may not understand the shame lie that Satan whispers.

I saw a friend sunken, hidden behind a tent tonight. Her face was puffy, eyes glassy. She had relapsed and was drowning in shame. The same proud woman who had shown off her certificate of completion from rehab a couple weeks before was lost in the shell of a broken vessel.

My heart broke for her. To come so far and lose it all, again. I knew in that moment how God looks at me when I fail – with eyes of mercy. He beckons me with a promise of “no condemnation.”

He speaks softly to me of a future hope and an overcoming victory. Because of Jesus. I held my friend tonight, the frame of a life beset with tragedy after tragedy and I whispered to her as she cried into my shoulder. Jesus.

When she beats this thing we’re going to celebrate & the saints in heaven will rejoice with us as they did tonight in that imperfect prayer. New mercies today and every day. What could we do without them?

My friend Jordon works for Homes of Hope, a nonprofit in Greenville, SC that provides affordable rent to families in need and helps rehabilitate people who have been addicted. She shared this post on Facebook last month and I thought it would be encouraging to you! — Tiffany

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  1. Thanh says:

    Merveilleuх poste, pérennise comme cela

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