Wilderness alone.

Bureau of Land Management

By Tiffany Deluccia

My God does not lead me to the wilderness and leave me. He doesn’t equip me for one life and ask me to live another. My God doesn’t make promises He can’t keep or impart dreams to burst and let die forever.

He is faithful. He is capable. He dreams dreams for us. He fights battles for us. He instills hope. He inspires joy. He gives grace.

He deserves devotion.

My God is more than I could ask for.

Every good thing in this world is from His hands. Every good thing in this world was cast by His light.

And I, oh and I, small as I am – weak, disloyal and fickle as I can be – was made to walk with Him. To know Him, to love Him.

So when I say, ‘I give my life to serve His calling,’ it’s not because service is what He demands. It’s because love is what He desires, and no greater love has any than one who lays down His life for another.

Be faithful.

Photo Credit: Bureau of Land Management via Flickr cc

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