Campus tears.

Tiffany and Trista at Clemson

By Tiffany Deluccia

I remember my first semester of college as a lonely time. My church of 12 years had just closed its doors, which left me searching for that sense of family. I had a great roommate whom I had known since childhood and my boyfriend lived in the dorm next to mine. Clemson had a thriving community of believers. But it was like being at a concert for your favorite band: I had people all around who shared my passion, but I felt like no one could hear me.

Deut31.6I recall crying in my room one night, feeling like something was wrong with me. Everyone seemed to have made their new besties-for-life within two weeks on campus. But what I got was God whispering through my loneliness, “Am I enough for you?”

He began to show me that He was — and is. I love this verse in Deuteronomy. If you read the whole passage, God repeatedly tells Joshua to be strong and of good courage. The circumstance wasn’t exactly an incubator for strength and bravery. (How alone would you feel if you were put in charge of leading millions of people through a desert?) God promises to be that source of strength because He will always be with us.

And He is with you now.

Is He enough for you?

And just to encourage you, I will add that in that time of loneliness, after He calmed my heart with His own faithfulness, I prayed for godly friends. He brought me new ones, and my best friend from high school ended up transferring the next year and was my roommate for the rest of college. [See photo above. See how happy I look? 😉 ] He gave me the community I desired as I learned I needed Him most.


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