Fear and faith in the ICU

Last month, the Lord was faithful. Well, obviously, He’s faithful every month – every minute, for that matter – but last month, He was faithful in a very tangible way.

Someone close to us was in the hospital. Someone young. Sudden and confounding. No one knew exactly why it was happening.

After a night of little to no sleep, the worst seemed upon us. TJ heard the room number called over a loud speaker, and he ran alongside towards the pediatric ICU. They arrived to chaos. TJ felt immediately like he shouldn’t go in but rather that he should just kneel and pray. So, he dropped to his knees in the waiting room and prayed as the Spirit led him for what he thinks was about 20 minutes.

He felt God confirm the young one’s safety.

In the car on the other side of town, I drove towards a restaurant on my lunch break, unaware of what was going on. In a moment, I felt led to pray, and I did the whole way to my destination.

The nurses called him the miracle kid, for about as quickly as the terror came, it left. The mysteries haven’t all been solved, but his health is stable, improved actually above what it was before he went to the hospital.

God is faithful. Be still and know.

Photo Credit: José Goulão

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