Rain is a good thing.

Rain by Moyan_Brenn via Flickr

By Anna Vanhoose

I don’t know about y’all but here in South Carolina it has rained nonstop for three months. It’s crazy! It’s so hard to not let your day get ruined when you wake up and see that – big surprise- it’s raining again. These days it’s hard for me not to get bummed out about the rain so in an effort to trick myself and my attitude I made a little pros and cons list about the rain and left out the cons.

Rain is a good thing- rain gives life to the withered, washes away impurities, sustains the nourished, and overwhelms and runs over the already full.

Doesn’t my pros list of rain kinda sound like what Christ does when He comes into our lives?

He allows us to come into His presence with all of our messes and imperfections. And by his unbelievable grace and love we can boldly trust in Him and His promises that He makes to us. No matter how strong or how long the storm may rage in our lives we can always see it as an opportunity to open our hearts for God to prepare and teach us for what’s next. His purpose for our lives is perfect and unchanging. Where you are in life is exactly where God wants you to be, and we can rejoice in this.

So next time it rains, don’t get bummed out and let it ruin your day. Remember to:

praise Him for the past storms
pray that He would prepare you for the next storm
pour out the joy that comes with knowing Christ to others
and put all hope and trust in God regardless of situation or circumstance.

“…trust yourself to the God who made you for He will never fail you.” 1 Peter 4:19

Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn

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