Come and go.

Fallen Leaves by StevenW. via Flickr

By Tiffany Deluccia

To come and to go. Since the beginning of the year, my Bible study leader has been repeating that phrase. The two number one callings of every Christ-follower are to come to Him and to go into the world with His love.

But when the pressure is on…

– mid-term exams approach
– you move to a new place
– someone you love falls sick
– money feels tight
– college admission deadlines pass
– finding a job looks bleak

…our revelation of those two callings often falls away. The very purpose, the solid ground that should keep us stable, is often what we avandon to replace with sins like worry, fear and anger.

When the pressure is on, we must fight for time with the Lord — not whining time, but worship time. Give Him time to speak to you. Remember His faithfulness. In His presence is fullness of joy.

And part two, we must remember that more important than anything we’re facing is reaching the lost and broken world. If we stop seeing people, if we stop allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us, we’ve caved to the pressure.

God will both comfort you and use you for His glory when you’re under pressure if you keep the One thing, the one thing.

(And another note: When the pressure is on, cutting off the TV, iPad, Facebook and smartphone for a few days can be huge. Go outside. Get alone with God. Crunch leaves. Breathe the cool fall air. The world is BIG and full of God’s glory. When it feels like the madness is closing in on you, it’s sometimes a prison of our own making. What do you think?)

Photo credit: StevenW.

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