Pride and Beauty

Think for a moment about your favorite female character from a book or film. How would you describe her? Spirited? Beautiful? Gracious, funny or fearless?

I’m guessing ‘proud’ wouldn’t make the list (unless you’re thinking Elizabeth Bennet, and she learned her lesson…

Pride is something we naturally resist and disapprove of in others and yet so often find in some form in ourselves. Even in depression and low self-esteem we can find traces of it: Our focus is on our own unhappiness.

All the characters I love, even an orphan-turned-queen from Scripture, were humble. Esther was chosen by the king based on her looks alone – I mean, the guy held a beauty pageant to pick the most beautiful woman in the land, and she won. Could that have puffed her up a bit? And yet, with eyes fixed on God and heart attuned to the people around her, she conducted herself in grace and humility that kept her in God’s favor–and the king’s. (He’d actually dismissed his previous wife because she decided her feelings were more important than his.)

“Before destruction a man’s heart is haughty, but humility comes before honor.” Proverbs 18:12

Have you ever seen a beauty queen win a pageant with a feigned look of surprise on her face? Mouthing, ‘I can’t believe this!” but looking like she knew the crown was hers.

There’s no honor in a prideful princess.

We have been chosen by a King and He gives us His love and favor. But He hates pride. He honors the humble. Take today as a chance to do a heart check. Where has pride slipped in undetected? God will show us (Been here lately!) and will forgive us when we repent.

— Tiffany

Photo via IntangibleArts on Flickr

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