Burn to Memory: Zechariah 9:9

Zechariah 9:9

The word “behold” isn’t used so much in our everyday vernacular, but it’s important in this verse. One definition of the word means “to see or observe a thing or person, especially a remarkable or impressive one.”

Our King is a remarkable and impressive One. We belong to Him. To behold Him coming to you is to anticipate and to wait with assurance that He will not hesitate. He will not bail. Look. Observe. He is your strength. He is moving all around you. He is working in your life. Rejoice. Shout. He has you in His sight; keep Him in yours.

— Tiffany

Burn to Memory is our special section focused on Scripture to memorize. Pin it, print it or download it as a mobile wallpaper. Why is memorizing Scripture so important? What’s in your heart comes out at the moments when it is needed. (And if what’s in there isn’t good, it’ll come out even when you don’t want it to!)

Design by Trista.

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