Devo: Parable of the adopted.


By Tiffany Deluccia

What does it feel like to be adopted?

I grew up in a home with two loving parents from birth. I have no scars of abandonment. I never wondered if they would change their mind about being my parents. I never watched the other kids get picked, wondering what was wrong with me. Never felt compelled to set out on a quest to find my roots.

At least not in the literal sense.

I think we can all relate to an orphan better than we might think.

If you’ve ever doubted God loves you, that He wanted you or that He will never leave you. If you’ve ever felt like He abandoned you, or doesn’t quite get you. If you know what I mean when I say believing He cut you from the same cloth, that you’re made in His image, is difficult when you feel so different.

You feel orphan pains.

Take it a step further – why does the idea of a king adopting an orphan feel so outlandish? I started to write a story for this post, a parable about an average girl working an average job who meets a king who wants to adopt her. I scrapped it–couldn’t make it believable.

Our understanding of orphanage is deeper than the loss of parents, if we really let ourselves ponder it. Those themes I mentioned above are universal, not limited to children who never knew their birth parents. They are the themes of people who do not know their God.

Their God who created the entire concept of a father and a mother.

In Romans 8:15, Paul reminds us again, because we need reminding: “…you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “‘Abba, Father’.”

And so we cry out to our Father until we feel Him draw near, and He heals the disparate fears we collected from birth. He allows us to search out our roots — which are all to be found in Him — until we believe wholeheartedly we belong to Him.

And He whispers,

Everything I have is yours, and My spirit is with you every minute of every day.

We received the Spirit of adoption – we’re daughters of the King and heirs of His greatness. Walk securely in that truth. Don’t forget who you are.

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