Three days left to enter the August giveaway!

7 thoughts on “Three days left to enter the August giveaway!”

  1. Beautiful headband, and for a great cause, too! I just discovered this page (I browse WordPress when I get a chance). I’ll have to read the topics you’ve already covered before I can actually suggest one.

  2. I am still stressing over what is my purpose? I’ve been praying about it and haven’t received an answer. Any suggestions to help get me through this difficult and confusing time?

    1. Hi Courtney – Did you happen to see my post last week on not taking leaps of faith? This was a short post that broached this subject.

      I haven’t written about this yet, but here’s another thought for you: I think it’s easy to confuse purpose and plan. When we seek God’s purpose for our lives, a lot of times we’re really asking him for the plan. We want Him to show us what to do next. He’s more concerned with who we are and what we believe about Him. He put you on this planet for a specific reason, and that is first and foremost to know Him intimately, to walk with Him closely, and to help others do the same. I’ve found that when I struggle with the plan, and get frustrated with silence, what He usually speaks to me comes back to my purpose: to know Him and make Him known.

      As I refocus on those things, He does lead us in the “next steps.” But that’s in His time, not ours!

  3. What a beautiful headband and for a beautiful cause. I’ve recently moved which has been really difficult and lonely. It’s hard to find a new community especially because I have moved to such a big city. Perhaps you could share some scripture to help through that feeling of loneliness.

    1. Kimmy – that’s a great suggestion. Some people close to me are going through the same thing right now. Thank you for taking the time to share.

      I looked at your blog – so fun! I saw that you’re new to L.A. Are you familiar with the Dream Center? I went on mission trips twice in high school to serve along this church. They are an amazing community of believers.

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