Devo: A future and a hope, maybe

5 thoughts on “Devo: A future and a hope, maybe”

  1. What an incredible reminder for me to hear this morning; that my heart needs to be more wrapped up in pursuing God than just his plans and will.

    1. Good for me to hear this morning, too! Funny how I write things, and a few weeks go by, and I’ve already forgotten (or rather, let go of) the revelation God had given me. Reminding myself to value purpose over plan. Purpose never changes and doesn’t get fuzzy: I’m made to be in relationship with Him and to help others do the same.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Tiffany! This morning I was looking at graduate schools to half heartedly enroll in a program I’m in a transition period where I’m not working, and pretty much doing something to say I’ve accomplished it. And, hoping I’ll land a job to help my hubby! My husband is telling me not to and do what will make me happy and that I will give my all to. Hmmmm… The only thing I feel that I could do that is if I worked in the ministry. I feel complete when I’m volunteering at church. Maybe I need to be still and see where God places me. Who knows? My volunteering may be my training to spread is word and serve others…

    1. Hi Courtney – Can I just start by saying thanks for being so awesome and commenting? It makes my day every time you do 🙂

      I’m in a waiting place myself right now, knowing a bit of the path I feel God has called me to but waiting for Him to direct the next step. I’ve got a post coming soon about this. Most of us know something God has told us to do, no matter how small. And doing that first rather than trying to make the next step appear out of thin air is always the best choice. “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105 Lamps only put off enough light for one step at a time!

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