Devo: Not safe for leaning.

5 thoughts on “Devo: Not safe for leaning.”

  1. Happy Tuesday! I will rely on God and trust, however, my human side likes to show! As soon as I say, “Okay God, you have this”, my human side comes into play. I start trying to think of solutions or just worry about it. Are there any tips you can suggest to stop the madness! I constantly pray about this, but it’s a habit so hard to break.

    1. Trying to think of solutions is a bad habit of mine, as well, unfortunately. God’s been really showing me lately (and I’ll have a blog post on this topic in the next week or so) that I make an idol of a problem or my solutions. The only way to stop worshipping an idol is to repent and start worshipping God. The best thing I’ve found is to focus on His goodness and faithfulness.

  2. I agree that I sometimes find it easier to trust the less I know. When I have a few details to work with, I start trying to construct a plan out of them, which can set me up for disappointment. If I don’t know anything at all, I don’t have much of a choice but to wait and trust!

    1. Same here! The word God keeps speaking to me is ‘humility.’ At first mention, I didn’t see the connection. But when I start trying to solve problems, map my future or imagine a way to make things happen on my own, I’m really elevating my wisdom above my faith in God’s. He’s been drawing me to my knees and to unclench my fists from holding onto my own way.

      And it’s amazing how much more exciting the possibilities seem (and how much less intimidating the unknowns) when tomorrow is in His hands instead of my head.

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