Proverbs 3:5-6

I’m not sure any verse has shaped my life more than this one thus far. If I feel like I’ve got the trusting part down, I’ll find I’ve got work to do in acknowledging Him in all I do. It’s so easy to lean on–and perhaps more than that, stand firmly on–our own understanding. This is where I’m starting with the Lord today. Again.

God show me how I can trust You more. Show where I’m leaning on my (so) limited understanding. Help me to believe You’re directing my paths without requiring you explain the reason for each step.

— Tiffany

Burn to Memory is our special section focused on Scripture to memorize. Pin it, print it or make it your smartphone wallpaper. Why is memorizing Scripture so important? What’s in your heart comes out at the moments when it is needed. (And if what’s in there isn’t good, it’ll come out even when you don’t want it to!)

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  1. Courtney says:

    Memorizing scripture is so important because when we feel like we cant go on and want to give up, God’s truths are planted in our hearts and our minds. So often we trust our hearts above all and if the Word is there, it is easy to recall and soothe. This particular verse is dear to me because it reassures me that as long as I trust God, He will lead me in the right path and never leave me.

  2. sharonespeseth says:

    Your story touched my soul. I’ve known this scripture since I was a child, but this morning I need this reminder. Thank you, Tiffany, and may God bless your ministry to young, and not so young, women.

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I’m glad it encouraged you.

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