August Giveaway: Banded No-Slip Headband

Ok, we’re shaking up the giveaway contest for August: To win a free headband by Banded (a company that supports Katie DavisAmazima Ministries by providing three meals for a child in Uganda for every headband sold), you’ll need to share a comment on this post or over at the Giveaway page. Here’s what I’m looking for: Your ideas for topics we should cover on

Is there something confusing in Scripture you’d like to understand better?
Are you or your friends struggling with something and would like support?
Do you have questions no one is addressing?

Share your ideas for topics in the comments and you’ll be entered to win.

Headband by Banded

Banded has a brand new line of ‘skinny’ headbands that are super-cute. So check them out and enter our August contest!

— Tiffany



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Courtney says:

    Hi Tiffany! I do have a question… I have a really good friend that I want to give up on. Is that really the Christian thing to do? I mean, I’ve repeated told her about the Proverbs 31 ministry, their online bible studies and their blogs, your blog since I’ve discovered it, and several uplifting books. Our church even has online streaming and an archive of messages. I send her links and the app for this. She always says she’ll read the suggested material or watch the messages but never does. But, she complains daily about life and how she wants to commit suicide. I’m really trying to be there for her because I lost my faith earlier this year and tried to commit. I was in a psychiatric hospital for 10 days! I never thought my first “alone vacation” from my husband would be for this reason! But, I appreciate what happen because I reconnected with God! He was right where I left him! Since then I made a vow to trust Him completely and follow His will. I know this isn’t idea for everyone, but I know first hand the power of God! And I want my friend to know it, too! But it’s like she does nothing to improve herself, but complains. She says she trust God will make it better, but then starts worrying. I’m at a lost! And it’s starting to weigh me down, but I don’t want to give up on her. My husband gets so annoyed because he says I’m wasting time trying to help someone who doesn’t want to do anything with her life. She has a 4 year old, and at home with her parents. They say crude things to her daily and tells her she will never be anything. She does chase behind whoever she’s dating and spend all her money on them to make them love her. She has a bad habit of equating sex with love, but hates sex! Go figure! She even got fired from her job and kicked out of school for missing too many days because she wanted to stay in bed and cry over the boyfriend who has dumped her since he’s used her up. She tells me I’m her only true friend and really the only one she can talk to. Oh Tiffany, what to do?! I don’t want to give up on her, but she’s starting to stress me out and bring me down. Think this may be a good topic?

    1. Hi Courtney,

      Thanks for sharing your question. Since it might get long, I’m going to respond to you via email. And I’ll take this topic idea of sticking with a friend/showing God’s love in difficult situations into consideration for a future month’s theme.


  2. Kaleigh Ward says:

    What about an outreach themed month? You could cover different missions organizations, the stories of Christian missionaries in the past or present, ways to get involved locally, and more. It could have a two-pronged focus of (1) educating/breaking people’s hearts for the lost and (2) providing ways to get involved. You might even be able to do a different focus each week– sex trafficking, education of girls, homeless ministry, evangelism, …

    1. I like this! Especially since I have two friends and one cousin entering the mission field in the next month or so 😉

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