Devo: Lessons on Forgiveness

3 thoughts on “Devo: Lessons on Forgiveness”

  1. Kaleigh, thank you so much for discussing forgiveness. I’m so writing down your talking points in my journal, then use them to pray to God. I want to ask him to help me truly give forgiveness to an absent father. I’ve been holding bitterness in for almost 20 years. My parents separated when I was 6 weeks, and my mother died from cancer when I was 11. I moved in with my father and his parents. Although we lived in the same house, he still was absent in my life. Even when my grandmother, his mother, died when I was 16, he still wasn’t there. When I finally moved out, we started to develop a friendship. But, I’m still trapped in the little 11 year old’s body that hurts from not having a mom and needing her dad. I’m married to a wonderful man and at times I push him away. I sometimes think he will have an affair and produce an outside child. Especially since I can’t have children. It’s like everything my father did to my mother, I think my husband my do. I don’t want to hurt my marriage because of the past. I want to truly forgive my dad, and treasure whatever time we have left on this earth. Your blog has helped me find a starting point. Hugs!

    1. Oh, Courtney, I wish I could give you a real-life hug! I am so touched by your desire to forgive, and I know what it feels like to stand at the gap between wanting to forgive and actually getting to the point where you can. God will be faithful to carry you across! I’m so glad God used my story to help you along in yours. Thank you for your vulnerability and boldness in sharing your story here. I am praying for healing for your heart and your relationship with your dad that will bring new life to your marriage as well!

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