Devo: Creature habits.

3 thoughts on “Devo: Creature habits.”

  1. Thank you for the much needed reminder. I am reading this at the perfect time because I have really been struggling with claiming my identity as of late. I just moved to a new place, started a new master’s program, and am surrounded by people who know nothing about me yet. It is really easy to fall into insecurity and doubt, especially when I am feeling lonely and have not found community yet. This simple post came at the best time for me.

    Thanks for be willing to share what the spirit is teaching you.

    1. Hi Allie,

      Thanks for sharing a bit about where you are. I will pray for you as you start this new season! You’re so right about times of great change causing us to forget our confidence in our identity in Christ, which is usually when we need to rely on His love most. Take heart! You are not alone, and I believe God will send faithful friends your way. I remember my how God taught me to lean on Him during my freshman year in college, when I felt extremely lonely. He is enough for you, and He’ll prove it!


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