God the Boss.

God can’t give you blessings if you’re working for wages.

My first part-time job was at Claire’s in the Anderson Mall in Anderson, SC. Minimum wage was $5.15/hr, and I was responsible for running the register, suggestive selling, ear piercings and maintaining order for thousands of tiny accessories. Let me tell ya, I felt like they owed me far more than they paid me.

Many of us have a worker-employee relationship with God.

It starts with our applying to Him and His selecting us. Nevermind that He promises to accept all who come to Him. We sometimes let our position be a source of pride.

We read the training material, watch some videos and stumble through the first few steps. We mark our improvement, put in long hours, attend seminars and compete in our heads against our team members.

After a specified period of time, we expect our paycheck — and a bonus every now and then for all our extra effort.

After all, God’s the boss, right? He owes me what He promised me.

Romans 4:4

Wow. Only problem is…

It actually all starts with a different ‘application.’ One for adoption.

The process may go slowly, after years of struggling to figure out who we are and trying to find where we belong. Then, we do – He selects us! And He selects a lot of others, too. They’re going to be our new brothers and sisters, something we’ve always wanted!

We stumble around a bit at first, learning how to relate to a father, since the ones we had (and the ones we didn’t have) don’t seem to be in the same class as Him.

He walks with us; He comforts us. He laughs with us. He leads us. He provides for us. His grace is sufficient for us.

We are free to be free in His love, and free to accept His liberally given grace.

God doesn’t want to be your employer. He wants to be your everything.

— Tiffany

Photo by Waponi

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