An atheist, a brothel and complacent hearts.

4 thoughts on “An atheist, a brothel and complacent hearts.”

  1. I think one problem is that we all get so overwhelmed. There are so many needs. And we hear so much (at least I did in college…) about people who go about trying to help with too little knowledge and understanding and make things worse. I believe many are burdened with a desire to do something but have absolutely no clue how to serve and serve well. Not sure what the solution is here, but if we could better equip the burdened to act and impact, perhaps we would see more change…

    1. As always, Kaleigh, I love your insight. I think this is definitely a part of it, especially during the college years. In high school, I daresay parents, teachers and even the structure of student ministry at a lot of churches encourages us to be very focused on ourselves. In college, I experienced exactly what you’ve described: An overwhelming exposure to the need with little help seeing how I could effect change. As I experience after-college life, the solution seems to be this, although it’s hardly simple: To first and foremost find myself in love with Jesus daily, and to follow His Spirit’s leading. He’ll burden each of us differently to accomplish His purpose, and then send us step by step, but He has to first get our attention!

      1. Well said! It’s wonderful how God places different passions on different hearts so that the body of Christ as a whole can enter a wide variety of dark places with the Light.

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