Devo: Wheelchair perspective.

Don't Waste Your Life T-Shirt

About two months ago, I was completely exhausted. I’d been doing entirely too much to please others and not nearly enough to put a smile on God’s face. Or even my own.

I was worn out. Crying for no reason because I got what I wanted at the expense of someone else’s expectation. I wasn’t doing the things that make me feel alive. And time was a-wasting.

On my lunch break in downtown Greenville one day, I passed a man in a motorized wheelchair on the street. His face was pleasant but lacked expression and was tipped to one side. He wore a brown message t-shirt with large capitalize letters in white: Don’t Waste Your Life.

Theme of the month, I thought. (And it is, in case you haven’t noticed 😉

Somehow it hit me really hard – here was this guy with some severe limitations and he was determined not to waste the life he’d been given.

I’m determined to do the same, but I hadn’t been doing a great job.

‘Wasting’ your life can mean so many different things–even living it for someone else’s expectations.

Do not be ashamed of needing time with the Lord or choosing His things above their things.

Christ was often rejected for choosing the things of God over the things that made sense to everyone else.

Good is the enemy of great, and if good is wearing you out (like it was for me), perhaps it’s time to refocus.

What did God create you to do? 1) Know Him intimately 2) Share Him with others 3) You’ll have to talk with Him about the rest…


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