Stockholm Syndrome

How much time have you lost because of fear?

Be honest with yourself. It’s worth it.

What dream have you put off? What words have you not said? What truth have you refused to believe?

A spirit of fear has no place in our lives. If we have fear, the Bible clearly says it is not from God. Moreover, fear inhibits the power, love and sound mind God did give us.

To live your life with purpose, with intent on accomplishing all God wants for you to be, to become, to understand and to do, will require power, love and a sound mind. Fear locks those good gifts down and holds them hostage. The captor masquerades as a wise protector, keeping us from pain. So, we submit to our fears instead of engaging them. Power, love and a sound mind can’t reign in your life until you take out the captor.

Ask God to give you clarity on the fear you have in your life. Take it to Him. You don’t have to live with it. All fear seems irrational against the backdrop of God’s goodness, bigness and faithfulness.

But fear won’t go quietly. A battle will ensue. The Lord is on your side, and He will not abandon you.


My dad is a pastor and preached on this topic recently. He had three points I thought would be good to share:

1) Just because God hasn’t given you a spirit of fear doesn’t mean you can’t have one. You have to kick it out of your life.

2) Faith is the substance of things hoped for; doubt is the substance of unchecked fear. (See Hebrews 11:1)

3) You can’t solve spiritual problems with physical tools – no wealth, success or relationship can oust it.

Fear will hold you back if you don’t banish it. Spend time in prayer and using the weapon of God’s word to fight it. And find some friends to support you.

— Tiffany

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