Guest Post: Please don’t be safe

By Lydia Sellers

Safety and wisdom can coexist, but they aren’t equivalent. It seems like older generations are constantly advising us on how to go through life safely, but warnings and reprimands are worthless if the intention is to protect us from getting hurt. Fact is, we will get hurt, it’s inevitable. Sometimes life just hurts, but unfulfilled purpose hurts more than failure.

The world has missed out on millions of brilliant songs, books, medicines, technologies, and businesses because dreams lie dormant in individuals’ hearts. They grasped onto safety instead of releasing fear and entering into their potential. I’m not saying we should all quit our jobs now and pursue lofty ideas. Wisdom says that we need to work our butts off and invest time into our dreams. We must diligently pursue making our dreams a reality.

If you’re not sure what your dream is, choose a time and date each week to give yourself a chance to …be you. Discover your heart’s desires. Safe people don’t experience extraordinary life. Please, don’t be safe. You have so much to offer the world!

Wise + Risk-taker = Great Possibilities

For more on fulfilling your purpose, watch:


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