Music to Inspire: Wake up!

How much time do we waste prioritizing the trivial? How often do I choose sleep over intimate time with the Lord or choose laziness over intentional time reaching out to those around me?

“Slumber” by needtobreathe has been one of my top songs lately for this reason: It gave me a kick in the butt!

Listen to the song. It will get stuck in your head and might just give you a kick in the butt, too. Just in time for summer 😉

Hope you’re not reading this after sleeping in past noon…

I will tell you this: I made a commitment a few months ago to get up early to seek God’s heart, and He has not failed to reward that time. He never will. It’s not even a small sacrifice on my part (think for a moment about the sacrifices Christ-followers make around the world just to worship Him), and He is worth so much more. One step towards extravagance – crack open that bottle of perfume.

Anybody experiencing an “awakening” this summer? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

– Tiffany

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  1. Kaleigh Ward says:

    Good stuff… God has continually brought the idea of joy in suffering before me this summer. I believe He is trying to prepare my heart by teaching me this lesson before I leave for the mission field. Like you said, my sacrifices will always pale in comparison with His. I love Psalm 29:6 which says, “I will offer in my tent sacrifices with shouts of joy.” That is the cry of my heart– as I live in my tent, there will be sacrifices. But I will offer them up with shouts of joy, knowing He is worthy of every cost.

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