Devo: Increase and Decrease

Here’s something I know about me: I default to thinking about myself. From the time I wake up, my concern for me and mine escalates unless intercepted.

I tend to have conversations with myself, too. Do you do that? I’m very brilliant in those dialogues and always know the right thing to say to put so-and-so in her place or to convince what’s-his-name we should do things my way.

They can be dark, though, as well. They can turn to internal shouting matches, cruel word-wars in which nothing emerges but worry and discouragement.

Lately, mid-convo with me, myself and I, God has interrupted.

“You could talk about this with Me…”

His voice increased; mine decreased. I could take my concerns to Him, converse with Him, and allow His truth to resound in my heart.

Studying this verse spoken by John the Baptist, I’m struck with this thought: Unless He increases in me, I can’t decrease.

Selflessness and faith grow as we let the Holy Spirit have more of the reigns. Freedom comes as we’re drained of ourselves and filled with His life. It’s cause and effect.

You can’t decrease without first pursuing His increase in your life. If you try, you’ll become about the works you can do in your own strength. The scale is tipped, and it’s simple math: Put more Jesus in your life, find less of you bubbling up.

— Tiffany

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