Devo: Imagine utter joy.

By Tiffany Deluccia

WastingPerfume_Psalm 16 11

You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11

When you think about your path of life, what comes to mind? My plan is full of contradictions. I’d like to travel the world and stay near my family. I’d like to have more money than I did growing up and not have so much that I stop relying on God. I’d love to have a career and be a mom at home someday. Right now, I have no idea which things will or won’t happen or which things would even make me happy.

King David writes Psalm 16:11 to God with full confidence, saying that He knows God will show him the path life is supposed to take. And, in the very next breath, he declares that in God’s presence is “fullness of joy.” David ties the two things together.

God will show us the path for our lives, but joy is found in His presence.

We don’t have to search for happiness as something to be attained at the end of a distant road. No, His presence brings us joy as we walk down the path of middle school and high school and college, our first job, every dating relationship, our first move to a new city, marriage, and on and on and on.

His presence creates complete joy in every part of our lives.

With a promise like that, I was struck by the thought that anyone would refuse to know God like Jeremiah 9:6, 23-24 says. “Refuse” seems like such a strong word. So how do we go about refusing to know the God of the universe? By dwelling in the midst of deceit.

Happiness that comes from a source that is not God is deceit, and dwelling in it causes us to refuse God’s blessing in our lives. Can you think of false pleasures that we live with every day? They tend to come in the form of vices, like eating too much, excessive spending, being sexually promiscuous or getting high. But they can come in subtler ways too, like working too hard for the praise of people, or striving in school because that’s where we find our identity.

We give our life and presence to things that do not bring us true joy, and in the process, we refuse to really know our Lord.

God made us to be eternal beings. If we learn to make living all about experiencing His presence, we begin to live the everlasting and abundant life Christ promised us. Knowing and understanding Him should be our ultimate goal because all other glory and happiness passes away. When we live in His presence, He makes known to us the path that leads to real life.

When you pray today, ask the Lord to show you the path of life and for complete joy in His presence. Ask Him to show you any way that you have been dwelling in deceit and repent for it. Mainly, just enjoy His presence.

— Tiffany

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