I’ve Had Enough of God

I’ve had enough of God. Just enough.

Enough to forgive me, but not enough to free me.

Enough to lead me, but not enough to allure me.

Enough to take the test and think I passed, but not enough to even scrape by.

I’ve had enough of Him, unaware.

But here’s where I am right now: Enough is never enough.

There’s always more to Jesus, the Father and the Spirit–more to know, more to experience, more to inspire, more to breathe. Even Jesus couldn’t get enough time with the Father. He constantly withdrew from his friends, his family and his ministry to talk with God. (Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16, Mark 6:30-56)

So, take it in. There’s more to Him than you could ask or imagine.

More of His life flowing through you on this side of eternity, and infinitely more on the other side.

Is your life saying you have enough of Him?

Or, on the flipside: How is your life saying you want/need/must have more of Him?

– Tiffany

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